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Express Internet, Your Internet Service and Communications Provider

Your Internet Service and Communications Provider

Providing Internet Service to White Pine and Eureka Counties
Specializing in Wireless and DSL High-Speed Internet.

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Value  Plan

A great Value Plan for those wanting an affordable High-Speed Internet Connection.  Preferred and Premium Plans also available.

Express Internet High-Speed Value Plan

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Wireless High-Speed Internet Service

• Our Fixed Wireless Internet is An Extremely Reliable High-speed
       Internet Service
• No Phone Company Charges or Phone Lines Required.
• Wireless Internet Service Available in Areas not Covered by other
      Broadband Service
• Rapid installation, Secure and Easy to Upgrade Speed
• Wireless from our Network to your Home - we then custom install
      an Ethernet line to the back of your computer.  Not WiFi.
• All Wireless High-Speed Internet Plans require a one-year contract
 Prices range from $34.95 to $79.95 per month
• Low installation fee of $99.95
• No equipment to purchase.

Paypal Payments Now Accepted! 

• You control the payment information, and are responsible for
      keeping the account current.  If you would like to change to
      Paypal please use the below buttons.
• Please call billing at (775) 237-4071 to advise when a Paypal
      account is set up.  We can then confirm our receipt of the
      subscription and cancel the automatic billing.

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Value  Plan

We offer Business Class and Residential Class DSL Internet Service with plans starting at $34.95 per month, with a one-time activation fee of $29.95.

DSL High-Speed Preferred Plan

DSL High-Speed Internet Service

• We Have Business Class and
      Residential Class DSL
• Prices range from $34.95 to
      $69.95 per month
• Low activation fee of $29.95
• Free installation
• No equipment to purchase.



• Networking
• WiFi Internet Access Installation
Indoor/Outdoor Cameras


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